Friday, August 7, 2009

Saying thanks is nice

fantastic chocolates and funny gifts from Artfully Chocolate Kingsbury Confections at
Life is a box of chocolates

Yesterday I received a surprise gift that arrived on my doorstep (in a big box, a real one, not a virtual one) that put a smile on my face and delighted my family.

It reminded me that I need to get back to communicating the old-fashioned way ... by mail, in person, on the phone, sending gifts. Funnily enough, it coincided with the day Twitter went down, a day remarkably free of the constant ping, ding, beeps and tweets of my multi-tasking online life.

What was in the box? Extravagant, adventurous, delicious dark chocolate truffles by Artfully Chocolate Kingsbury Confections.

They were probably the best I have ever eaten, well, the best since I lived in France.

They were sent by InfoStreet, the Web site I reviewed recently.

What did this make me think?

  • InfoStreet is a company that's embraces constructive criticism. Isn't that What Google Would Do? Well done.
  • Here's a smart bit of PR that continues the good press. Any company can stand out by going against the current trends by sending a big fat envelope a curiously shaped parcel by snail mail. Check out the U.S. Postal Service's woes to see that sending something by mail has a rarity value these days.
  • Saying thanks never goes out of fashion. I didn't expert it, nor does it affect what I say, but I sure did appreciate it.

Thanks InfoStreet.

By the way, the chocolates were amazing and interesting. My favorites were the Mimosa Twist, the Chipotle Cinnamon and the Brie (dark chocolate and sesame seeds). By the way, check out the ChocObama novelty chocolate (see image above).

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