Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Web site review: Great call to action .... if only we knew what it was selling

In every issue of The Internet Marketing Report print issue, we review a site. Here's the review from our July 10 issue.

What we like about this site

Any company that wants prospects to sign up for a trial or an introductory offer, or just get their feet wet, should check out InfoStreet.

Every page urges business prospects to take InfoStreet’s productivity software for a spin by:

  • Including clear calls to action. Every page drives prospects to sign up for a free trial. It’s clear marketers have one main goal: increase sign ups.
  • Building trust. Notice the long list of icons from well-known publishers at the bottom of the home page? A business prospect doesn’t need to read to get the message. A quick glance is enough to know InfoStreet.com’s products have been reviewed.
  • Pricing to persuade. Instead of locking in new customers, the site offers a pay-as-you-go plan for a dime a day. That’s compelling for small business prospects, who are highly sensitive to price. The site also offers prospects other ways to test its products, including free trials, a single user model and no-fuss installation.
  • Making it easy to contact the company. The phone number is prominent on every page, and the company offers Web chat.
  • Using convincing testimonials. The quote from a happy customer, “ I cut my costs” on the home page, along with a photo, directs prospects’ eyes to the free trial button.

Where this site fails

Does your site pass the four-second test?
That’s the amount of time most prospects will spend on a page before deciding whether to stay, hit the back button or click off.

InfoStreet.com, which sells productivity tools like e-mail, shared calendars and documents, assumes non-technical prospects will understand what its product does.

One simple test: Ask a business prospect, a neighbor and a friend to click on your site and tell you what you do or sell within a few minutes.

We asked a random selection of people what the site sold.

The answers? “Dunno” and “Software?” The best response, “Some sort of software that makes it easier to do more with less.”

We even asked someone who specializes in B2B e-mail.

She thought prospects would be confused.

Make it easy for prospects

InfoStreet does provide the answer to the question, “What do you do?” But it takes too many clicks to find it. The info is on the home page in bullet points. But it’s below the fold where many prospects won’t see it.

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Posted by Internet Marketing Report editor Julie Power


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