Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Search experts are worth their weight in clicks but earn less

Must admit, I was surprised by this chart in MarketingSherpa's 2009-2010 Search Marketing Benchmark report. Given all the publicity showing how marketers are turning to online marketing, why aren't experts with these specialist skills being rewarded more? These are the folks who are expected to perform magic by rubbing together a bit of HTML code ...

You only need to look at the huge number of horrible Web sites to see that marketers with online marketing experience and knowledge of search engine optimization and social media are worth their weight in ... clicks (more valuable than gold online!).

Posted by Julie Power, editor of the Internet Marketing Report Online.

Do your search experts earn more than generalists?

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Daniel Kuperman said...

Nice chart. I wonder if the market is inundated with so called 'specialist' that are nothing more than people who read some books about SEO and are now proclaiming to be gurus and that's driving the price down (supply/demand)?

It is also interesting to note that this survey results differ from other surveys out there, from Exhibitor Magazine, Aquent/AMA, and others. See my recent post about this: