Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SEO key to high quality/low cost B2B leads

Something to use to get internal buyin for more search engine optimization resources?

Interesting chart from MarketingSherpa.com showing the cheapest is often the best. Organic search engine optimization is free (well, after labor costs and your blood, sweat and tears trying to get it right!) but it delivers high quality leads for B2B marketers. Only trouble, the quantity varies. But it is interesting to note that paid search on Google didn't really deliver better quality leads.

How was the research conducted? Sherpa explained: Marketers were asked to rate the quantity and quality of leads generated for each of the search tactic listed at the bottom of each column using the scale shown to the right of the chart. The total percentage of each column reflects those who are using that tactic. For example, 71% of respondents use 'Search engine optimization'. The remaining 29% do not use this tactic.

Posted by Julie Power, editor in chief Internet Marketing Report Online.


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