Thursday, May 28, 2009

10 words that get emails opened

Check out the cloud below to see an interesting representation of the top 10 words used in e-mail subject lines by marketers to get prospects to open their messages.

The cloud is a nifty way to present these words.

You've got to hand it to the smart folk at for combing 300 million e-mails to find these gems and devising this nice bit of viral marketing.

Their thinking wasn't in the clouds when they came up with it because:

  • They've offered it to bloggers like me to give us a lazy way to add content. Easy, just cut and paste.
  • They've programmed it so it updates automatically, giving you my dear reader, a reason to come back to my blog again and again, and then revisit MailerMailer.
  • They've encouraged me to comment on their blog if I post this cloud, thus increasing the virtuous circle of blogging that lives on links and reciprocity, and
  • It provides interesting content in an engaging and interactive way. It may not rain but it lights up as I hover over it.


By the way, the report is worth reading. Some highlights show that e-mails are being opened sooner than before and e-mails from churches and other religious and spiritual organizations have the highest open rates. Say no more.

You can read the entire report at MailerMailer.


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