Monday, April 20, 2009

Twinterns, and other ways to use summer interns for marketing good

Here's a new use for a summer marketing intern. Pizza Hut is hiring a Twintern, someone who will get paid to Tweet on Twitter.

Last year, I listed 45 ways to exploit bored teens for marketing good , discussing all the different ways online marketers were using summer interns or geeky teenagers to attack all those jobs that had been on the back burner for way too long.

What are you getting your summer interns to do?

Some projects we've seen included:

  • Beefing up Facebook accounts. That was what Jim Cahill from Emerson did last summer.
  • Updating copy and product descriptions
  • Thinking up new ways to collect e-mail addresses
  • Inserting links in old content, and
  • Rewriting page titles.

What are you doing or what have you done in the past that's worked? Let us know and we'll collect them all in a new post.

You can read more about Pizza Hut's internship at the New York Times or apply for the job here.

Where did I hear about it? On Twitter, of course. You can see how quickly this sort of news goes viral with this search of Twitter.

Posted by Julie Power Monday April 20.


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