Monday, March 16, 2009

Web site review: A B2B site to swoon over

How can you fall in love with a B2B site?

It's easy. This award-winning site mixes the best marketing ideas with great search tactics.

Swoon ...

Apart from an awkward URL, there’s not much to dislike about Javelin-tech’s award-winning
B2B site.

It does everything and more to convert prospects by:

1. Placing a strong call to action high above the fold. There’s no need to scroll down.

2. Making it easy for prospects to get in touch. Every page includes a phone number, an e-mail link or a button to ask a rep to call.

Unlike most B2B companies, this site gives subscribers a page of different Real Simple Syndication options.

3. Giving prospects the tools they need to make a decision and convince others. This site is jammed with great testimonials that prospects can read or watch on video. They’re sorted alphabetically, by industry, by product and there’s even a special group for small business.

4. Engaging everyone from prospects to loyal users. There’s training, Webinars, a lively user group, a blog, etc.

5. Simplifying search. Companies with search buttons keep prospects onsite longer. This site gives prospects four ways to find what they need, including onsite search, breadcrumb navigation, a product finder and an elegant site map.

6. Using images sparingly. Its images are pretty but the labels on the navigation (like the tabs across the site) are text. That way, the site gets the look of Flash without paying the usual price and missing out on search results.

Our only reservations ...

Javelin's logo

If you landed on this site, without any technical or industry background, would you know what it was talking about?

While it strikes the right tone for experts, it may want to consider how it appeals to novices.

For example, it is jammed full of acronyms.

Ask someone who isn’t familiar with your niche to visit your site. Do they understand the copy? Do you explain the acronyms you use? While these acronyms are industry shorthand, they may send newbies running or alienate decision makers who are visiting your site on the recommendation of the
subject expert.

Inside pages still need some work

While this site is optimized for prospects for organic or natural search results, it is missing opportunities to do more.
For example, many of the inside pages are missing keywords, the footer on every page could contain more industry terms and there are very few links from other sites to it.

Another thing nice about this site: It's constantly changing and being improved. In the few weeks since we first looked at it, we've noticed several upgrades.

A great job.


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