Monday, March 23, 2009

PiZap. Kapow. Cool photo effects in secs

created at

I'm off to SES New York today. I have been fiddling around with a new type of business card, a pamphlet really, that includes a few excerpts from our print publication, my contact details including and maybe even this fun photo. Is it too crazy?

If you see me, say hi.

I am always interested in talking to marketers in small to medium sized companies.

Sadly, Mr. O is staying behind in DC to keep the economy going.

P.S. I did this photo using PiZap for free. But I found the best place to edit photos before loading on PiZap was Very easy to go straight to the editing tools. Much easier to use than Picasa, where I have an account.



World internet summit said...

Hi there great photos....

Loose weight Quick said...

Hi, thanks for the tip with editing photos