Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gotta love this: Non-profit blog converts one in 14 readers

I was green with envy and blown away by this fantastic case study by SearchEngineGuide showing how a non-profit blog converted one
out of every 14 readers.

That's what Goodwill of Washington DC has done over the past year and a half with its blog, DC Goodwill Fashion Blog.

"PUT THIS IN YOUR ROI PIPE AND SMOKE IT" (Search Engine's catchy title) is compulsory reading for any marketer grappling with social media, the need to cut costs and boost ROI.

The comments below the post by Eric Brown are also worth reading, including this one from Goodwill's senior VP of marketing, Brendan Hurley:

"What this effort has truly taught me is that anyone can be successful using social media as long as they understand that it should be integrated into an organization's overall marketing strategy, not take the place of that strategy. It's critical to engage your audience by discussing a topic that is important to them, not just to you (or your company). And finally, recognize that social media works best as a marketing tool when it is treated like a product," Brendan Hurley
Senior VP, Marketing & Communications, Goodwill of Greater Washington.

PS. Check out the way Goodwill's blog is all about fashion, an unlikely mix at first blush but it sure makes sense.


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Eric Brown said...

Good Morning,
Thanks for picking up this story, it is really cool, is such a great case Study for Social Media.

Loved their execution too!