Monday, February 2, 2009

Is this font killing conversions? The design? New tool gives answer

Is your graphic design helping or hurting your business?

That's the point of a great post at ConversionRateExperts raving about a "fantastic" low-cost user testing tool from UserTesting.

For $19 (!), UserTesting provides video and commentary showing how users respond to a Web site's design.

What's really interesting are the rave reviews of this tool in the comments of ConversionRateExpert's post, including by some big online names, including Mike Mindel from WordTracker.

In one case, a Web site improved conversions 7.4% by making a simple design change, based on the feedback. To put that in context, "imagine what you'd need to pay a salesperson" to increase your business that much, suggests ConversionRate's blog.

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Posted by Julie Power Monday Feb 2 2009.


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