Friday, December 19, 2008

Season's listings 11 to 20 : The great list of online marketing lists

Season's listings to all. Yes, it is listorama here at the Internet Marketing Report Online.

From mid December until mid January, we are bringing you a selection of the best online marketing lists. Today's list includes lots of good ideas to make your Web site look and work better:

11. 136 SEO tools. Yikes.

12.64 great marketing tools and resources from Marketo. Covers everything any business marketer would need from Marketing Automation Tools and Resources to Marketing ROI and Marketing Budget Tools and Resources. Worth many clicks.

13. 10 things to love about good sites. An ode to the perfect Web site. Inspired by Shakespeare.

14. 75 question quiz that will test your SEO knowledge by SEOmoz.

15. Great list of sites full of ideas on how to improve the usability of your site by Six Revisions.

16. List of 45 new and pretty fonts you can download for free from SixRevisions.

17. Great list of sexy search box designs, plus great advice from SmashingMagazine.

18. Useful tools for evaluating a Web site. Some will tell you why a site is too slow or why prospects aren't converting. Another good one from SixRevisions.

19. Top 10 keyword tools from TopTenSEO.

20. Here's a great list of 11 free tools for every Web designer or wannabe Web designer, including a link to a nifty site that will resize images. It's by SmashingApps.

Don't forget to check out our first list of lists, numbers 1 to 10, focusing on search engine optimization (SEO).

Got a list you want us to include? A list you can't live without? Send it to us please: via email, via Twitter or drop a comment down below.


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