Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It was the best of sites, it was the worst of sites

In every issue of the Internet Marketing Report, we publish a Web site review.

WolfPeak.net combines the best and very worst of Web design. Its design is awful but deep inside, after you've endured the noisy and painful home page, there is a cool link saying, "Compare Our Glasses to the Competition."

I'd love to give the direct link, but I can't. Shame. The site doesn't let me.

So steal the bright demo from WolfPeak but steer away from these howling errors:

1. No search engine optimization (SEO) makes this site invisible. The site may be generating direct traffic from resellers, but it’s missing basic coding ... it barely appears in search results.

2. All Flash means no cash. Some Flash is great, but an all-Flash site is invisible to search engines.

3. Zero call to action. It makes no attempt to follow up or capture a prospect’s details with any call to action. That’s a waste considering the stickiness of its fun and engaging demo.

4. No viral marketing. Wolf’s nifty comparison chart is so much fun it could easily go viral or help resellers convert prospects. But the site lacks any viral marketing like a link to e-mail a friend.

Groan! Too noisy, too slow

5. Testing visitors’ patience. Getting to the interesting stuff on this site takes too many clicks. It’s impossible to return to a product page or the demo without going through the home page.

6. Blasting prospects. If you insist on greeting prospects with a noisy video, leave the sound off.

Wolf does have some highly contagious ideas that prove business-to-business marketing doesn’t have to be a snore. But it’s virtually invisible to search engines. And it has this very cool demo that resellers don't seem to be using.

WolfPeak sells safety glasses.

Dull stuff? You’d think so if you visited Wolf’s resellers, like Safetyglassesusa.com or Tasco-safety.com.

Visit those sites, yawn, and then switch to Wolf to see how engaging its product demo is in comparison (if you can endure the awfully noisy opening, the slow loading... oh dear me..)

It’s routine these days to include a chart showing how your product compares to rivals’ offerings

But Wolf’s demo is one of the best we’ve seen.

It shows how its Edge safety glasses compare to rivals with a compelling interactive demo that lets a prospect see how the glasses perform when smashed or when a steel ball is dropped onto them.

The demo lets the prospect try on different safety glasses to compare the polarization or the clarity of glasses.

Is it credible?
Another nice touch: Sometimes the demo gives top marks to the rival’s inexpensive glasses. That adds to Wolf’s credibility.

Okay Edge ... Why are hiding your best marketing tool deep in your site?

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online editor Julie Power


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