Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What keywords are you missing?

Quicker than light post about a cool blog post about a cool new search tool.

Google’s New Tool Tells You What Keywords You’re Missing, reports Search Engine Land today.

It is called the Search-Based Keyword Tool. It goes beyond what the other Google tools provide and tells you what keywords you are currently missing out on based on search query data from your site’s content.

Search Engine Land shows how it works with a series of screenshots.

Good stuff to add your marketing tool kit.



Dave J. said...

I learned about it first at Twitter... and added about 10 new terms to my account. Let's see if they pay off!

mega said...

I have not used this tool but one of my friends have used this tool.This tool pointed out the missing keywords not included in his website. After including those words, my friend's website is always displayed at a higher position in the Google search engine result's page. That's great.