Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Web site review: Tools you can use to spy on your online rivals

In every issue of the Internet Marketing Report print publication, we review a Web site. Sometimes we review a subscriber's site, sometimes we choose a site at random like this one. Would you like us to review yours? Email me at jpower@pbp.com.

PascoSystems.com squeezes every penny’s worth out of its pay per click ads (PPC), making it difficult for a prospect to click off once he’s found the company’s Web site.

I love this Web site. It makes me want my own industrial palletizer for the holidays. Will it fit in my stocking?

Pasco recognizes its biggest online rival is the back button. While other sites fail to grab a prospects' attention, this site does it with time to spare. It proves that even an industrial site selling pallet systems can engage prospects in a sticky way.

Sticky Web engages these ways

To engage a prospect who’s clicked on a PPC ad for “drum palletizer,” for example, Pasco:

• Shows the same search terms on the landing page. Not only does the company greet the prospect with a headline showing the same terms, it shows a large image of a pallet stacker.

• Gives prospects a summary with key benefits in bold, including assurances that its pallet stackers “stand up to forklift rams.”

• Provides one-click info. Prefer to watch a video? It’s on the same page. Want specs? They’re also one click away. Need to call? The phone number and contact numbers are emphasized in several spots on every page.

• Uses a larger-than-usual call to action button in the middle of each page where a prospect can’t miss it. The link takes prospects to a short form, where they also see the company’s contact info in case they prefers not to wait.

Snooping on your rival ...

To get the lowdown on this site, we used tools any online marketer can use to snoop on a rival. We got the following free reports:

• An estimate of Pasco’s PPC budget. This free report from SpyFu.com gave us the following info: Pasco's keywords, its budget, its ranking, its results, and lots of other juicy info. We can see that it is spending much less on keywords than it was when we first spied on it with SpyFU.

• An appraisal of its search engine optimization. One reason why the company’s organic keywords rank poorly is that some pages aren’t well optimized for organic search, the free listings on the left. HubSpot's WebsiteGrader.com gave PascoSystems only 19 out of 100 (see report here). Why? The company’s overlooked some basics, like meta tags and alt. tags on images, which mean pages don’t appears in free Google results. That’s important because nine out of 10 searches begin with free results.

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online editor Julie Power


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