Friday, November 7, 2008

I can't stop looking (at these marketing messages)

Updated Monday to include link to just released report

Can you stop yourself from looking when your cellphone vibrates, rings or sends an alert to say you have a message?

If you just have to look, join the club.

Cell-phone users like us are making the lure of mobile marketing even more attractive.

Check out these two interesting reports:

Cellphone users are affecting e-mail open rates. People are opening their e-mails sooner, reports a MailerMailer study of 350 million emails sent during the first half of 2008.

32.6% of opens occurred in the first two hours compared to 29.57% six months ago. MailerMailer says it is because more people are receiving email via their mobile phones. And these folks respond faster. Read more at MailerMailer.

95% of text messages are read, as opposed to 25 per cent of email, says Colin Stewart, an exec with Interlinked Media who is quoted in "Clinton raises profile of mobile marketing firm."

"People are always going to read them, " says Stewart. “It is using a device that people have in their pocket 24/7 and (is) always switched on."

Interlinked Media landed the contract to run the text messaging service for Hillary Clinton’s Democrat nomination campaign. Although Mrs Clinton missed out, the text message service was so successful that it led Barack Obama to employ text messaging during his successful presidential election campaign, reports The Northern Echo.

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