Thursday, November 13, 2008

Do you care more about increasing response rates more than ...

writing better online copy?

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The free ezines include:

  • HR News Update for HR professionals.
  • Safety News Update for Safety professionals.
  • CFO Finance Update for CFOs and other finance professionals (very popular!).
  • Accounting Finance Update for general accounting professionals, focusing primarily on accounts payables and payroll.
  • CEO Economic Update with up-to-date analysis of the economy for executives by economist Michael Donnelly.
  • Sales News Update with the latest news, information and ideas for Sales professionals.
  • Marketing Update, by yours truly and editor Christian Schappel with the latest news, information and ideas for marketing professionals.
  • CommunicationsUpdate with lots of fun ideas by the No Bull whiz, John Walston
  • Administrative Professional Alert with the latest for Administrative Professionals
  • Coding News Update with the latest by one of our greatest editors with a wonderful mind for details, Renee Cocchi, on medical coding and reimbursement professionals.
  • Nonprofit News Update with the latest news and information for nonprofit professionals by Ketura Persellin and Susan Wade, two editors who bring experience and insight to this niche.
  • IT Update by one of our coolest editors Valerie Helmbreck, an award-winning senior reporter and geek who loves anything to do with information technology.
  • Environmental Bulletin for the latest news and information for environmental professionals by Tom Guay, who's written about this area for more years than anyone can remember (when he's not playing in a band or sailing.)
  • Quality Bulletin with the latest news and information for quality professionals.
  • Education News Update with the latest news and information for education professionals.
  • Inventory Bulletin with the latest news and information for inventory professionals.
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