Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tweet, greet (and create leads)

Updated Wednesday October 15 at 1 p.m.

I found myself quoted today (see below) about driving and cars of all things, something that's about a minus 20 on my interests. In fact, my interview is the anti-car entry.

But the site Tweet and Greet is an interesting example of an innovative and creative way to turn short tweets from Twitter.com into a relationship that is paying off in leads for this smart autodealer, Eric Miltsch from AuctionDirect.

  • What’s parked in your driveway now? a white minivan. Not parked really, sort
    of landed …
  • Does your car reflect your personality? It’s messy and it shows I am not
    interested in cars.
  • Favorite vehicle(s)? My feet.
  • Must have car gadget? GPS. Prevents arguments caused by “driving while
  • Favorite Hollywood movie car? None, but love that bus in Priscilla Queen of
    the Desert.

  • Tweet and Greet.

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