Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thin (on)line between love and hate

How stupid is this?

Execs at Jack Daniels have been drinking too much of their own stuff it seems.

They had a fan who was so excited about their product that he launched a "love" site which was called

JD's execs thought the site abused their trademark.

And the site was disbanded.

Were they crazy? Doesn't every company want advocates like these? These are the rare handful of people who'll go to great lengths to tell the world how much they love your product or service.

Is Dave Child, the author of ILoveJackDaniels and a Web programmer who writes AddedBytes, still a fan?

In his new blog, he writes:

Still love Jack Daniel's? Umm. I know it should taste the same - they've not changed the recipe after all. Yet for some reason, I find myself drawn to alternatives. After some hard work sampling several alternatives, I can so far highly recommend Bulleit and Woodford Reserve. Any suggestions for other drinks to try always gratefully accepted.

By the way, a Google blog search for Jack Daniels brings up Dave's blog as the first result. Divine justice?

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