Monday, October 13, 2008

Thank goodness Columbus didn't rely on the USPS for directions

Come on US Post Office!

What kind of marketing are you doing there? Why are you making your customers work so hard for some simple information?

On Columbus Day surely it makes sense to put a link on your home page talking about today's (express service only, no home delivery in case you are looking) hours and services.

But no! USPS has wasted ten minutes of my day. We've just been to Open Day at our children's school. As we got home, Peter (who was doing a jig to celebrate Paul Krugman's winning of the Nobel Prize for economics!) asked if the mail carrier was coming.

So I hit the Web and visited the USPS home page. There is nothing to answer this question.

So I typed in this query on Google, "USPS holidays" and that took me to a clunky page with a PDF.

Am I alone asking this question?


Check out Google Trends today and you'll see searches about the post office are red hot, dominating the top 100, including these search terms,

My take away? It pays to check the calendar and put updates where customers can easily find them. Closing for a day? Say so. Limited service? Say so. Whether you sell services, sausages, industrial pumps, why not update your home page to give customers the latest?
More information please!

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online editor Julie Power


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