Friday, October 31, 2008

Some days are bloodier than others

Just in time for Halloween. The Alberta, Canada, government has resurrected a blood-and-gore ad campaign that warns young people about workplace injuries.

My colleague Fred Hosier has just posted a new item on his site about Work Safe Alberta, which is using a series of gory movies to drive 15- to 19-year-olds to the Web site Bloodylucky in an effort to drive home important workplace safety messages.

The Web site’s slogan is “Some days are bloodier than others.” And a warning before you watch the videos: They’re much bloodier than others, too.

The ads feature a deli worker cutting off his finger, a shoe store clerk falling off a ladder in a stock room and a gas-station attendant getting burned in the face with cleaning solution.

The ads were set to launch in September 2007 but the campaign was pulled because some members of the Conservative party felt they were too offensive, according to The Calgary Herald. One election and one new employment minister later, it’s all systems go.

The launch at Halloween is purely coincidental, but the shocking videos do rival some slasher films, reports Fred.

If you think these videos are scary, consider my plight: Two Halloween parties today with 50 six-year olds hyped up on sugar and expectation.

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