Thursday, October 9, 2008

A peek under the covers with Google trends

Was looking at Google Trends this morning, and enjoying what it says about the world and marketing today.

For example, the search terms "your home page" are spicy hot. Weird? You'd imagine people would search for "Julie Power's home page" or "Madonna home page." Who is "your"?

These terms weren't "volcanic" like today's top search, the Bobby Jones Show or "creepy gay kid happy birthday" at No. 2 on the list of search terms.

Google Trends is great reading for any marketer because it:

  • Shows hot stuff goes wild, wacky and viral in minutes
  • and dies within a few hours
  • Reflects our lust for info about stars and celebrities

  • Provides insights into our fears. See "red hot" search terms, like "Snag a Job" and "National Debt Clock" and "medium" hot search terms like "alternative energy" in the list below

  • Spots emerging search terms and phrases, such as the ones above. Have you ever used "snag" as a verb in a search inquiry or in keywords?

  • Gives you ideas for how to make content or a blog post topical. I am going to see how shoving all of today's hot search terms in this post affects traffic and report back.

Here is the most current list of the top 100 search trends as of 11.45 am this morning. Even if including all these search terms in the blog don't improve my search results, you may get a giggle out of some like "maverick family disowns McCain" (read an article about this from HuffingtonPost here) or "Obama campaign smokes pot."

1. bobby bones show
2. creepy gay kid happy birthday
3. karissa and kristina shannon
4. nancy benoit
5. bianca golden
6. murphy in the morning
7. jean marie gustave le clezio
8. lori delgado
9. american hunters and shooters association
10. gallup poll obama mccain
11. the daily beast
12. snag a job
13. marina katz
14. national debt clock
15. shannon twins
16. amy leigh andrews
17. 1075 kzl
18. your home page
19. operation nice
20. wtmx
21. tina brown daily beast
22. vera bradley
23. pru
24. rockport maine
25. sancho panza
26. charles rogers
27. kimberley conrad
28. pacman jones
29. fox 2 news st. louis
30. joule hotel dallas
31. colorado bar exam results
32. what is yom kippur
33. holly madison
34. dave mason
35. adam jones
36. scarlett keeling
37. nobel prize literature
38. sure smile
39. orange county fire
40. human car
43. what tool is used to measure wing speed
44. mediatakeout
45. beautification engine
46. myrtle spurge
47. westinghouse 37” 1080p hdtv
48. voter fraud
49. dawn avril
50. maverick family disowns john mccain
51. john lennon birthday
52. wtmx the mix
53. halo 3 recon
54. nikolai valuev
55. mass lottery
56. nfl week 6 picks
57. baltimore marathon
58. holly madison girls next door
59. michelle obama on larry king
60. douglas prasher
61. hugh hefner new girlfriend
62. acorn fraud
63. gm stock
64. vermont facts
65. yon kippur 2008
66. obama birth certificate
67. diana bianchi
68. fort zumwalt school district
71. chef jeff
72. day of atonement
73. the post american world
74. clint malarchuk
76. dussehra 2008
77. dean reynolds
78. holli chmela
79. october 9
80. joe biden introduced as john mccain
81. wtmx chicago
82. suddenlink email
83. nerf recall
85. columbus day
86. colorado supreme court
87. yam kippur
88. big east basketball
89. earthship homes
90. proton pump inhibitor
91. courtney hazlett
92. pregnancy pact
93. christie brinkley
94. sfo
95. double arm transplant
96. truth in equity
97. www.tolinda dot com
98. alternative energy
99. obama campaign smokes pot
100. chicago marathon

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online editor Thursday October 9.


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