Sunday, October 5, 2008

Legal advice keeps every Jack and Jill out of jail

One of my marketing heroes is Jack McCarthy, the marketing manager at

Poor guy.

Jack's Web site has been spammed, ripped off, traffic hijacked, its copyright breached, its URLs poached, its content stolen, etc. His products have been parodied and pimped. His employees have even been caught by border police with porn on their laptops. They've stolen trade secrets, downloaded precious marketing intelligence and breached non-competes. His customers have taken out more injunctions and hauled him into court more times than this unlucky but good-intentioned exec can remember.

Jack's even battled a suck site,, like the folks at ChristieCommunications who I wrote about in this blog post.

Jack isn't real. He is pure fiction, although he is based on many marketers I've met over the years. He is the star of a fun feature, Sharpen Your Judgment, in our print publication, The Internet Marketing Report. We dramatize a recent legal decision affecting Internet marketers and our readers have to guess how the case turns out.

Eric keeps Jack and Neptune out of jail and trouble

Researching this feature, I always visit this great blog, Technology and Marketing Law by Eric Goldman. It consistently delivers good analysis on these issues and it is a great way for any online marketer to avoid Jack at Neptune's woes. Eric (in the photo above) is Associate Professor at Santa Clara University School of Law.

By the way, if you are a reader of our print publication and you'd like to give me feedback on Jack's woes and other articles, I'd love to talk to you. Email me at Thanks.

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online editor Julie Power on Tuesday October 7.


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