Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Eat shit and buy?

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Here is a hilarious story about revenge.

A Sydney family, who'd complained about bad service at the Coogee Bay Hotel in Sydney, alleges they received gelato with feces buried in it.

After tasting the dessert, the family carefully wrapped up a sample and sent it off to a lab, which later confirmed their suspicions.

Now, the story has spiralled out of control: lawyers are involved, demands are being made for apologies and more.

Isn't this every company's worst nightmare?

We are told to love our critics, to treat negative feedback as a gift and to encourage all feedback.

But the urge to bury s..t in someone's lunch is a powerful one.

How does your company treat the complainers, the whiners, and the others who make your lives miserable?

You can read more from the Sydney Morning Herald or from the Daily Telegraph.

Update: It is only fitting to post this today, National Chocolate Day. Apparently, the gelato in question was chocolate.

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