Tuesday, October 21, 2008

201 ways to blog for business

Running out of ideas for a business blog? Here's a list of 200 great ideas from Doug Karr at Compendium Blogware that any blogger (corporate or personal) could use to get the juices flowing.

Maybe Doug should add: "201: Blog about this list of great ideas." It worked for me.

Here are some of the ideas:

What's the last whitepaper you released?
What's the last case study you released?
What other publications haven't you shared in your blog?
What's the latest customer testimonial you received?
What are the latest customer survey results?
What's the most unique customer you have?
How are you working with local education?
What universities did your employees attend?
What's the next big event to happen in your company?
What are the events you want to attend in the next 12 months?
Who would you want to meet if given the opportunity?
What's the last major investment your company made?

Read the entire list at 200 Blog Post Ideas for your Company Blog!



Douglas Karr said...

Thanks very much for the link love!

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