Friday, September 5, 2008

Marketer of the week: She's no Mr. Bean!

Trisha Cooke from QNX talking about PocketGeek viral marketing campaign
Meet Trisha Cooke, the brains behind's successful viral marketing campaign, the Pocket Geek.

This follows up a post about business viral marketing campaigns some months ago when Trisha described the techniques the company was using to send the campaign viral.

For today's Marketer of the Week, I put these questions to Trisha (smiling in photo to the right) via e-mail:

You've had great success with your viral marketing campaign, ThePocketGeek. How did you get the idea?

Our audience is software developers so it seemed only natural to walk down the hall and pick the brains of our own in-house developers. Once we got a feel for what gets them excited, we approached a local agency that specializes in “branded entertainment” to help us with the creative concept. The result was Tamagochi meets office cube meets big-brained developer.

What was the most successful part of the campaign for you?

As a marketing person, the media coverage and on-line footprint that PocketGeek generated. As a business person, the number of click-throughs to the QNX corporate site.

The worst moment?

The most exciting moment: when we flew down to New York and did a fantastic web TV interview. The worst moment: when the broadcaster pulled the program off-line before our episode had a chance to be aired.

Was this a big departure from what you've done before?

No question, PocketGeek was a big step for our company and for our market. To my knowledge, no one else in the embedded systems industry has done anything like this. It’s a first.

I've been told that the game has developed a following in France. Pourquoi? Does he speak French?

We intentionally made him “mumble” to ensure worldwide interest. Think of it as the Mr. Bean approach to attracting a global audience.

Are you a geek or an old fashioned marketer who has made the leap online?

It always has to be about what’s right for your audience. Our audience lives, works, plays on-line, so no surprise where I spend my time!

To prove Trisha and Mr. Bean are very different people, watch this ...

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online editor Julie Power Friday September 5.


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