Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hooray for Bloggywood?

Break up of professional and personal bloggers by

Forget Hollywood.

Blogging turns nobodies into stars.

Bloggers may not make big bucks, but about one in four have successfully used blogging to develop their profile and stand out from the crowd, finds Technorati's week-long series on the State of the Blogosphere .

It finds bloggers:

  • Get recognition. Many have been asked to talk on industry panels, at conferences, etc. And 54% say they are better known in their industry as a result of their blog.

  • Get attention. 15% say their blog raised their profile at work while 17% ended up on radio or tv as a result.
  • Get better jobs. 26% have used their blog as a resume and 11% got promoted as a result of their blog.

  • Get fat. Well, probably, if most have been blogging for as long as this report implies. Nearly 60% have been blogging for more than two years.

Only 2% were fired because of their blog.

And how much money are bloggers making? Not much. Just like the aspiring Hollywood star waiting tables, the aspiring Bloggywood celeb can't give up their day job. Only 4% say they quit their jobs to blog full time.

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