Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The holidays! Again (Weren't the last ones a minute or two ago?)

Just got my first e-mail promotions for the holidays. The first was for corporate gifts from Crate and Barrel.

The sight of all that red pretty stuff made me feel old. Curmudgeonly. Worried about time racing by too fast, kids growing up, work yet not done, 20lbs still sitting on these old hips.


Of course, there may be an early movers' advantage to sending out your Christmas/holiday/promotion now, before inboxes are crammed with seasonal promotions.

PGI Cards is playing on that. I liked how its e-mail gave me a bunch of reasons to order early.

"Dear Julie,

We know it's only September, and you're probably not thinking about holiday cards - but we want to help you cross one thing off that holiday to-do list. To make it as easy as possible, we're offering 50% our entire collection, and we'll even take care of the shipping!

Order by September 26th for:
- Original holiday cards at half price
- Free shipping
- The peace of mind of knowing you'll have one less thing to do this holiday season

Whether it's doves or dreidels, pine cones or pumpkins, we have you covered from Thanksgiving to New Year's. Check out the entire collection here."

Are these companies too early? Probably not, especially for b2b promotions like corporate gifts.

You can see from this chart from the EmailExperienceCouncil (a great resource on anything and everything to do with e-mail) that Thanksgiving and Halloween e-mail promotions are beginning to take off while holiday promotions are still at a trickle.

For those of you who are counting on the holidays to boost sales, you can get some great tips on preparing your Web site from Ten Web Shop Prep Tips from ecommerce-guide.com.

Disclosure: PGI is owned by the same company that publishes the Internet Marketing Report but I wasn't asked, encouraged or even urged to write about them. Just a good example of holiday marketing.

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online editor Julie Power on Tuesday September 23.


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