Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Can Twitter save you from business Siberia?

Check out BusinessWeek's big feature about "Getting Intimate (with Customers) on Twitter."

It's not a bad roundup for any marketer considering whether to ride the whale ... the icon that pops up when Twitter is overwhelmed ... or figuring out how to get buy-in from the top for a Twitter initiative.

It shows you which CEOs are using it, who's making money and which companies are using the micro-blogging site to cosy up to customers and build their reputations and brand.

It even includes an easy to digest slide show on brands that tweet including Zappos, H&R Block, Comcast, etc.

Twitter let Dell open a new channel, DellOutlet, the first Twitter-based direct sales account.

DellOutlet offers "followers" special discounts on rebuilt PCs, reports Shel Israel.

Ricardo Guerrero, a Twitter pioneer and a marketer of reconditioned products (an orphan in the glittering Dell line up) used Twitter "to get to customers quicker and at lower cost than by direct mail. It let anyone interested in a deal follow him for announcements. It reduced his need to jockey for prominent space on the company's massive Web site, where refurbished products were often relegated to the online equivalent of Siberia."

A year after Guerrero's debut on Twitter, he'd sold $500,000 worth of products.

What else can you do with Twitter?

Loic Lemeur, chief executive of Seesmic, says: "Listening to my Twitter feed is also the best 'focus group' you can get: it is active 24 hours a day and feedback comes instantly without any filter. I keep improving our product with everything I hear from my Twitter community."

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Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online editor Julie Power.


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