Friday, August 22, 2008

Your photo, your brand, says Godin

Updated August 26: Can you read a face? Does your photo suggest you are full of energy like this professional networking coach, Scott Bradley. His face is "read" in this post, "Lynn Scheurell Reads My Face…Literally!"

Seth Godin asks who's telling you the truth about your online personal marketing?

For example, if you use a photo that makes you look untrustworthy, too young or just silly will your friends tell you?

If it's really silly, the answer's probably yes. But what if it makes you look dumpy, dated or out of step with the dress code in your niche? Probably not.

Seth suggests getting around this problem by asking people to choose between a few photos.

Over the past few weeks, I've been thinking about the power of online photos and the messages they send. And since posting about this topic, I've been experimenting with using a completely different one on Twitter to my usual professional photo.

It is a grumpy me when I was 5-years old in school uniform in Australia. The photo seems to work on Twitter but it seems too flip for LinkedIn, this blog or in a print brochure.

So let's put Seth's theory to the test. Which photo is the best promotion for this blog and my personal brand online?

  • Grumpy five year old Julie
  • Coy Julie hiding behind a copy of our print publication
  • Smiling Julie to the right.
    Click here to take survey.

    May the most inventive hurler of insults win!

    Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online editor Julie Power Saturday August 23.

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    Scott Bradley said...

    Thanks for the link! Love your blog! Keep it coming!