Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What are reps saying to your customers?

Updated Sunday August 17

This chart made me wonder.

Who checks these e-mails?

Are they literate, grammatical and consistent with the brand?

How often are reps e-mailing?

Are they sending stuff so often that it makes your opt-in e-mail marketing look like spam?

Do they include a signature block to encourage customers to visit your site?

New research shows that it doesn't matter whether someone has opted in or not. Recipients are increasingly hitting the spam button to say, " You're sending me too much stuff" or "I don't like this content." One option that works: Give recipients a chance to receive e-mail less often or change the content.

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This chart comes from What's Working in Sales Management .

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online editor Julie Power on Wednesday August 6. Updated August 17.



Karrine Her Media said...

Really good points Julie. I actually find myself flooded with emails some days. I have a great VA who I will be passing emails to soon :) However, having REALLY clear guidelines for her will be a MUST as will monitoring my outbound emails.

Craig Barnes said...

This is an excellent observation, Julie. Like any other form of communication, customer directed e-mails should be well-crafted and align with brand. The tone should affirm for the customer that they made a good choice and build rapport for future sales.