Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Web site review: A microsite that turns prospects into browsers

In every issue of our print publication, The Internet Marketing Report, we review a Web site. Some are sites suggested by our subscribers, some are chosen at random while others are sites that are nominated because they won awards. Here is the review from the August 11 issue.

Comfortkeepers' microsite for franchisees knows all about collecting and converting leads generated by free organic listings on search engines.

Its rivals pay for ads on the right-side of the search engine results pages (SERPs), while this b2b service site captures the organic traffic. This well-optimized microsite captures third place in organic free search results relating to its niche.

It may not win the top spot in organic search results but study after study show free listings on the left side of the page are more likely to be clicked on than the paid results on the right side.

And Comfortkeepers’ microsite does a nice job of turning browsers into prospects by anticipating these questions:

• “Is this the right site for me?” If a customer searched for “franchise,” there’s no doubt they’ve come to the right place.
• “Why should I trust you?” Comfortkeepers stuffs the home page with testimonials from happy franchisees. It also provides links to trust boosters, like awards, industry recognition and smiling photos of happy customers.
• “What should I do next?” Stop prospects from clicking off in confusion by giving directions. This site includes several links like, “What Next?” and it directs prospects to its phone numbers.

What to do when you are short on time and resources

Short on time and resources?

This campaign site, designed as a lead generation machine for potential franchisees, has opted to skip some steps and concentrate on those with the biggest ROI.

What to keep ...

For example, most search engine experts recommend each page has:
• A unique title. This site does it well, with keyword rich titles that are unique to each page (instead of using the same title on many pages).
• Keyword rich copy. This site squeezes in appropriate references to franchise and in-home care several times on every page.

... and what to miss

Experts also recommend that every page has its own meta description and meta tags.
While every page should have them in a perfect world of endless time and resources, you can skip them if the page titles and the content is as good as this.
But one big boo-boo: This site doesn’t have a site map. That can mean search engines may not see every page of the site.

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online editor Julie Power on Wednesday August 13.


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