Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Useful e-mail marketing benchmarks

ManiacWorld.com No need to make a monkey out of yourself guessing what sort of e-mail results are, dare we say, truly worthy of a great ape?

Some new and useful charts from MailChimp show the results of a survey of 236 million emails delivered by the MailChimp system.
The clever chimps calculated average open rates, average click rates, average soft bounces, average hard bounces, and average abuse complaint rate by industry. They also compared click-through rates by industry and by size of company.

You can see, for example, that e-mails from churches have a better click through rate than marketing organizations.

This beautiful photo comes from an interesting site Maniacworld that shows a chimp playing PacMan.

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online editor Tuesday August 19.


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