Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Their youth, your future: A b2b company with a savvy summer idea

Since posting my make-your-brain hurt, list of 45 marketing jobs to get done this summer (preferably by an overeducated, underpaid and Internet crazy teen or intern) my box has runneth over with other ideas from you, dear reader.

I've got some great ideas to tell you about soon but one suggestion stood out as creative and forward looking.

It comes from Jim Cahill, an industrial marketer and award-winning blogger at Emerson Process Management.

He's using his interns' social media skills to prepare for the future by talking to tomorrow's engineers on a new Facebook group.

Jim e-mailed me to say that he's working with his interns to create a Facebook group that would connect them with other college engineering students that share a common bond (at least in a few of their classes) around process automation system. The new Facebook group is designed to:

  • Explain a complex subject to young students in many universities’ Chemical Engineering departments who are learning about process control. (Nothing like getting young students to see your company as the defacto industry standard. )

  • Get feedback on how the company's system is perceived among this age group, and

  • Recruit future engineers. "One thing is certain, as the boomers retire we’ll need many new engineers to fill this void. This is especially true in our business with ever-rising energy demands around the globe and the need for alternative energy sources," Jim said.

It's early days yet but it is a nice idea.

What are you doing to prepare your company for the future?

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online editor Julie Power on Tuesday August 5.


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