Monday, August 11, 2008

Social media: A spoke with many hubs?

Andrew Shuttleworth probably has carpal tunnel if he spends this much time online Here's a great interview by Larry Chase.

He talks to three top experts, including Steve Rubel from MicroPersuasion, about social trends, including what's working, what isn't and what has to change in your corporate culture to become a successful Web 2.0 marketer.

They suggest you should see social media as:

  • a spoke with many hubs taking you into new niches. Rubel gives a great example from Brita

  • a direct marketing vehicle. Greg Verdino of crayon talks about how communities like Facebook are the evolution of the mailing list, and

  • marketing as a conversation, says Amanda Watlington

My question: If 70% of marketers say they have no intention of getting involved with social media, including blogs and wikis, how do you convince them it is worthwhile and not a new fangled fad like that darn telephone ... ?

By the way, the social media image above is from Andrew Shuttleworth who mapped his social media usage. Mind blowing.

P.S. It's worth signing up for Larry's e-newsletter. As he says, it's mercifully short, free of crapola and usually provides at least one idea or link worth following up in each issue. That's not a bad hit rate.

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online editor Julie Power on Monday August 11.


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