Friday, August 1, 2008

Marketer of the week: Meet a hardworking hound

Joan Stewart,, takes a great photoMost Fridays we introduce a successful online marketer with a very short question and answer session.

Today, meet Joan Stewart, aka The Publicity Hound.

Joan has successfully survived the jump online from print because she understood the power of viral marketing way back when it was called word of mouth.

Her e-zine has always been a great source of ideas for me. Plus she steers clear of online jargon and doesn't make my brain hurt. That's always a plus.

If you haven't read her before, start with this article talking about how the first target of any online press release these days is buyers. It includes an interesting discussion of how that changes the definition of what is news.

Joan, what's been your biggest online success?

A clean-out-my-inventory promo where I offered all my audio tapes for $347 when I converted to CDs only. I made $22,000 from one email to my list of about 24,000. What a country.

How did you find the transition from print to the online world?

Easy and surprising. It’s much easier for me to sell online than it is offline.

Where do you go for new ideas?

I rely on my 50,000 ezine readers to send them to me -- and they do. They are wonderfully loyal Publicity Hounds.

What's your worst online habit, your secret obsession, the thing you can't stop doing?—I head over there for comic relief.

Your sites?

Website: Blog: Video blog coming soon!
Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online editor Julie Power on August 1 at 6 a.m.



Mark Salinas said...

Twitter hands down! My job interferes with Twitter! :)

Internet Marketing Blogger said...

$22,000 from one customer only! Wow! I hope there was some good advice in that package but judging by the revenue that campaign generated, I am sure Mrs. Stewart's CDs well all worth it. :)