Friday, August 29, 2008

Marketer of the week: Karon Thackston knows keywords

Copywriter and keyword expert Karon Thackston is a recent discovery for me.

Small Business Search Engine expert Matt McGee recently recommended her blog on online marketing and copywriting.

When I read her stuff, including her great e-book with 11 clever ways to include keywords in copy in a way that seems natural and unforced, I could see immediately why Matt had recommended her.

Here are a few questions I put to Karon by e-mail for this week's Marketer of the Week.

Writing with Keywords is full of great ideas. What is the biggest mistake most marketers make when it comes to keywords?

Using the keyphrase the same way all the time. Get creative and your copy will sound much more natural.

Karon Thackston knows how to hook big fish with the right bait

What success story really makes you smile?

Abraham Lincoln's.

Your darkest moment online?

Working 18 hour days 10 years ago when I started my copywriting business.

Where do you go for ideas?

I pray... a lot! I see copywriting in almost everything I do/read.

How did you end up focusing on keywords?

SEO copywriting was getting a bad rep because most people didn't understand how to use keywords in their copy without it sounding stupid. The goal of this book was to share a few creative ideas.

Are you are a nerd?

Nope. More of an A- or B+ personality.

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