Friday, August 8, 2008

Marketer of the week: Jennifer Laycock unleashed

Meet Jennifer Laycock, a successful and eclectic online marketer with a huge following. Just read her answers below to see she's not afraid of trying new ideas and taking on the establishment. Jennifer is editor in chief of SearchEngineGuide, a great resource for anyone - from beginner to expert - on search engine marketing.

Jennifer recently founded a great new conference, Small Business Unleashed, Columbus, Ohio, September 22nd and 23rd, 2008.

What is your greatest online triumph? I’d have to go with my battle with the National Pork Board over a t-shirt hosted on my Lactivist blog. The public response on that one really showed me just how powerful social media can be.

Your biggest disaster? That would have to be my Bento Yum experiment. I was writing an article series based on a hobby site and the community discovered I was a marketer and turned on me like rabid dogs.

Where do you go for your best ideas? Generally they pop into my head while I’m driving. I’m one of those people who gets lost in thought while driving which means a lot of great ideas and missed turns.

Where would you get ideas if you were a marketer in a small business interested in search engine optimization? Well, my site Search Engine Guide specializes in that and we bring it offline with our bi-annual Small Business Marketing Unleashed conference. I’d also bookmark Matt McGee’s

Are you a geek? Surprisingly, no. Apart from my iPhone, I’m really not a fan of gadgets, tech tools or toys. I like these things only because they help me earn my living. I miss books. LOL.

Is there something online you can't stop doing, i.e., checking your traffic? Right now I’m a Twitter reply addict. I pop over and refresh that screen about every five minutes throughout the day.

Your title: Editor in Chief, Search Engine Guide and Conference Chair: Small Business Marketing Unleashed

Editor's note: You can still see the T-shirt with the slogan, The Other White Milk, that annoyed the Pork Board at DaddysType. I love it. But then I nursed twins for a year. Okay, some of you are positively groaning now including my four brothers. Suck it up, boys. Didn't mean that too literally.

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online editor Julie Power on Friday August 8.



Alvin said...

Jennifer is awesome. While I haven't met her face to face (we were close, but I had to leave before we could talk), I've followed her on Twitter and am very impressed with her work. Looking forward to finally meeting her.

Rachel Phillips said...

That's my girl! Way to go Jen and good interview Julie. :)

Anita Campbell said...

Great interview, Jennifer!