Friday, July 11, 2008

What are they thinking? Poplabs' Gene McCubbin goes South Park

South Park wannabe Gene McCubbin from

Nearly every Friday, we throw a bunch of quick questions at an online marketer. Today meet Gene McCubbin, president of PopLabs, South Park wannabe and serial entrepreneur.

What's the one online success that still makes you smile?
We are an interactive agency so every time we have any client success I smile. Ca-ching ! Our success is built off the successes of our clients. As we service small-to-mid-sized businesses (SMBs), it is crucial that we help them have measurable results quickly. Thus, every form submission, new lead or call to their business is important and impactful ... and we feel the resonance of said impact. Over 25% of our revenues come from organic internal upgrades (i.e. people moving more of the budget to this medium).

What's been your darkest moment in online marketing?
When servers go down....always a nasty moment; even if we are outsourcing that part of the workload. Stuff happens. As an entrepreneur and business owner your job is to be tenacious..survive... thrive. Not to whine and complain and cry about how things didn’t happen as planned. It NEVER happens as planned.

Where do you go for new ideas? My staff, the shower, The Fortress of Solitude. Not necessarily all at the same time. Truth is I read a RIDICULOUS amount. Sales stuff, esoteric stuff, fun name it. One of the most educational and inspirational reads, INC magazine.

I've seen you called a serial entrepreneur. Is that a compliment?

Absolutely, entrepreneurs are the movers and shakers of our economy. We employ people, create taxes, and buy expensive cars. I made a conscientious decision early in life to be self-employed. I kept getting fired, and like being “different”...being an entrepreneur was the only way to accomplish that and have sustainability of income. Always a fun ride...usually profitable. Never easy.

What are your sites?* Poplabs
* Poplabs' blog
* My personal site, GeneMcCubbin, and
* Twitter.

Please attach a picture, serious or not. It is up to you.

See attached. I love South Park. I want a guest spot. Smartest show on TV.

By the way, check out PopLabs' M0 Serious' fun raps ... they could be a palatable and fun way to send a message to other folks in your organization about all sorts of juicy online marketing stuff, from page design to page ranks. You can even learn to rap and dance the M0 way. Click here for a previous posting on M0.

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