Tuesday, July 22, 2008

She loves her vacuum cleaner, he loves his power washer

"Don't underestimate the power of love and don't forget about it when you're talking to a customer," wrote business marketer Mike Buckley on his blog following up my ode to my iRobot.

My confession that I love my vacuum cleaner prompted others to unburden and reveal similar emotions.

Mike Buckley (a B2B marketer who writes the longstanding and interesting blog at Tacony Corp.) loves his power washer so much that he did two things:

He responded with an ode to his power washer and a nice follow up on his blog, talking about how love and passion are often the missing ingredient in business marketing. I think his point is as perfectly aimed as Cupid's arrow.

Mike sent me an e-mail with this ode/industrial haiku on why he loves his power washer.

"The name. POWER washer. It’s not some wimpy washer, it has power.
You can clean a big area without a lot of work. Aim it at a
driveway or deck and the dirt flies.
You can’t use it without getting
wet which is great in the winter time, but
not so good in the summer
It’s big. It’s red. It makes a lot of noise.
There’s an
element of
involved. If you get it too close to something, you
can actually
destroy it.
Not everyone has one, so there’s an air of
exclusivity to
it. "

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