Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Psssst: What your rivals aren't doing and what that means

If 70% of online marketers have no plans to do social marketing, including blogs, what does that mean for you?

It could be a great opportunity, as Newt Barrett of ContentMarketingToday wrote when he followed up our recent survey results.

We'd found 70% of online marketers have no plans to do social media. We've done the same survey two years in a row and got the same result. And our definition was broad: We included blogging, podcasts, wikis, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Like all great marketers, who see opportunity where others don't, Newt urged his readers to start using social media right now, arguing that there's a huge opportunity to get ahead while rivals snooze.

He's listed five reasons why you should go for it now, including:

It's affordable

It's what your customers are doing, and

It's different. If other folks aren't doing it, there's a vacuum ready to be filled.

You can read more from him on his great blog, ContentMarketingToday.

For a great example of a very small bricks and mortar company that understands the benefits of social media, check out YuckyNastyBugFacts, the video blog by NorthFultonExterminating. You can see it in this post I wrote a while back. The video blog has helped the company get noticed, get press, get clicks and get business.

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online editor Julie Power on Tuesday July 8 at 12 noon.


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