Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hot to shop: Collecting and mining e-mail addresses

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Is it just me or have you also noticed that companies are getting more aggressive and innovative about how they collect e-mail addresses?

Here are two examples, where the companies used the info while the buyer was hot to shop, sending an e-mail within hours of sign-up.

Case one: I was at DSW Shoe Warehouse in Bethesda recently when I noticed the store was swarming with shop assistants carrying bags, to encourage us to buy lots of shoes, and sign-up forms for their e-mail promotions and loyalty club.

These women seemed to have been hired for the purpose of encouraging sign-ups, and they made it very attractive (offering to hold my stuff, promising that I could use the first discount that morning and bringing back my new membership card within minutes.) And what did I find in my inbox the next morning? A very nice introductory note outlining all the benefits and savings ahead, and reminding me they were voted best rewards program by Kiplinger.

Case two: Uno Chicago Grill has introduced large touchscreen kiosks to get patrons to sign up. Writing in the DMNews, Matt Blumberg, CEO of Return Path, said the touchscreen kiosks have a large hard-to-miss call to action. They ask for the usual details (e-mail address, date of birth and password) and they're fast and easy to use. Best of all, the new subscriber has an e-mail waiting by the time he or she gets home.
And the company followed up by sending an offer on the user's birthday.
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