Friday, July 18, 2008

Harp-playing crusader for all business marketers

Every Friday, we introduce you to an online marketer. Here is one of my favorites.

Dave J. is a industrial marketer with a B2B company in the Midwest. For six years, he has blogged about trends in business marketing at B2Blog. He prefers to keep his full identity hidden, but here's what you need to know: He's one of the most passionate, intelligent, helpful and enduring bloggers out there on business marketing. And as you can see in this video, he plays one mean harmonica. He's also another parent of twins. "Awesome!" as my kids said when they watched the video below of Dave playing "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot."

What's been your greatest success online?

I remember back in the early days when I was still editing my website using Word, maybe 1998. I had just changed our most popular type of equipment's navigation 'buckets' to something that made more sense. And BAM ... I had three new leads for those products that afternoon. And that's what hooked me into paying close attention to my website. I made the point to my boss that the web was reactionary. You could try new things and see how they work and adjust. Adjustable marketing ... how cool is that!

What motivates you to blog so regularly when you have a full-time job as an industrial marketer?

More than just dishing out my observations and opinions (which I enjoy), I really am motivated by a sense of duty to expose issues, poke at assumptions, and be a reality check or even cop. Mostly this has been by questioning the advertising choices industrial marketers like myself have. But I've also exposed click-fraud, directory scams, and blackhat SEOs that people like me deal with regularly, scams that occurred only because they fly under the radar. The internet allows me to put them on the radar.

Forrester Research just reported that most blogs were drab and dull, merely warmed up press releases, with little value. Is there any way b2b companies can make blogging worthwhile?

Blogging makes sense for businesses when you have a guru and an interested audience. If the guru can draw a crowd at trade shows or is in demand by publications for their commentary, I think they could do well blogging. Like starting your own personal blog, it's something that has to happen naturally, not forced or 'strategic.'

Where do you go for new ideas?

My definition of a geek is one who is curious about technology and interested in doing things better. And I am a geek (just ask my wife.) So when I run into a task, I look for a way to do it better. And that gets me finding new ways to do things.

I see you like playing the harmonica. Is there any way you can attach a video (very short please!) or a photo of you playing?

See above. Thank you!

Check out his blog, B2Blog.

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