Thursday, July 3, 2008

10 reasons to go on vacation: Reflections on a week in the Virginia countryside

I've been off the grid lately, visiting parts of the world where Internet access is spotty and slow, where cell phone coverage is still like those old Verizon ads ("You there? Still there?") and where people think Twittering is what birds do in the mornings.

It's a pleasant change from being switched on all the time.

Here are my top reasons why you may want to switch off for a while:

1. After feeling so revolted by the food at a Virginia gas station, I said to my husband, "That must have been the worst food I've ever seen." A few seconds later, a road sign announced, "Fried gizzards."

2. Freedom from usual chores. Staying somewhere else liberates me from the feeling that I really should cook, clean, write more, read more and finally file my expenses.

3. Local newspapers. I just loved the announcement in the local Wintergreen, VA paper that announced the birth of a baby ... blog. Congratulations.

4. Fresh tomatoes, corn and basil.

5. Elk attacks and llama spit. Use your imagination. Or recreate the experience yourself by visiting this Safari Park, which has hit on the great idea of selling food to visitors that the zoo would normally feed the animals themselves. They make money, save on labor perhaps and we make experiences

6. Reading trash novels, the ones other people leave behind.

7. Swimming in lakes.

8. Watching children's movies with a tired little boy on each side.

9. Going to bed early, and

10. Coming home.

Happy July 4th!

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online editor Julie Power on Thursday July 3 at 6 a.m.


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Lynn from said...

Glad you had fun...but I did see you were Twittering!

Welcome back.