Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You couldn't do better than using this Web site as a model

In every issue of our print publication, the Internet Marketing Report, we review a Web site. This is the review from the June 25 issue.

If someone says B2B sites can’t be compelling and absorbing, show them MillerWelds. It could shame the best consumer site. This site keeps prospects clicking and reading these ways:

  • It harnesses the power of the new. Visitors love to see what’s new since they last visited. The site tempts prospects to click with links on the home page to what’s new. It also uses the word “new” to great effect, with a big ad for one of its newest products, the New Renegade.

  • It’s current. The site taps into current events, including fears about the economy and the release of the economic stimulus package with a large flash ad saying, “Stimulating the Economy.” That’s followed by a reminder that Miller’s an American company.

  • It engages prospects. It is peppered with quick polls asking visitors for their views and opinions. One week it has a poll about welding. The next it has one like this, asking readers who they prefer: McCain or Obama? And the site offers visitors plenty of ways to get involved, including online communities.

    And I love the way the company asks readers to suggest survey ideas.

  • It shows it listens and responds. Take the company’s blog. It lists posts in order of reader popularity.

  • It’s not all dry and serious. The company has a section with “fun stuff.” And its “About us” page is full of curiosities, including historical photos.

Even its error pages show marketing smarts. Instead of directing a prospect to a routine error message, lost prospects are sent to the site map (with links to major departments on the site) and a search engine so they can try again.

This company understands that even business users can love products with a passion. It taps this zeal with content on social media sites, even hosting its own stream of photos at Flickr.

And it’s loaded compelling videos on YouTube, including the one below that shows a suitcase (welded with Miller products, of course!) being dropped from great heights without breaking.

Even its product pages are engaging with each link featuring a colorful, graphical icon.

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online editor Julie Power on Tuesday June 24 at 6 a.m.



Dave J. said...

Great pic. I think the home page is a bit busy and the products menu has WAY too many choice (27, I think).

But what a rockin' product-type page (http://www.millerwelds.com/products/stick/), showing all the models and a selection chart.

Newt Barrett said...

I love the Millerwelds site, but even more I love their comprhensive content marketing strategy that emcompasses a very cool print magazine as well. I wrote about them last October and they fill an entire chapter in our book.