Thursday, June 12, 2008

What'll they try next?

Thanks to my colleague, Christian Schappel, editor of the The Marketing Report, for this guest post.

As you know, word-of-mouth marketing is a great way to promote your products or services among potential customers and drive them to your Web site.

But a Web hosting company,, took it to the extreme recently.

It bid and won an eBay auction hosted by a man from Maine who was auctioning off space on his neck where the highest bidding company could tattoo its logo and URL.’s winning bid: $4,500.

Since then, Globat’s paid a Pennsylvania man to slap its logo and URL on nearly every nook of his body. For those interested in seeing the “artwork,” a gallery and video of the man getting tattooed can be found here.

Not yet satisfied with the amount of publicity the tattoos have received, the company is now having visitors to its Web site vote on which body part they’d most like to see an Alaskan woman tattooed on.

For the tattoo recipients’ sake, I hope Globat doesn’t ever go belly-up.


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julis said...

Hardly unique but admittedly, not very often used.... same thing done by a company several years ago, not auctioned on ebay but it paid some guy a relatively paltry sum to tatoo the company logo on the back of the guy's bald head.