Friday, June 6, 2008

What are they thinking? Zappos' Tony Hsieh on barefoot marketing

In this regular feature (well, we hope so) we put some quick questions and answers to online marketers about their best and worst times online.

Today we're happy to introduce Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos.

What's been your best online marketing success?
The best marketing is word of mouth, so we're thrilled that the number one driver of our growth has been repeat customers & word of mouth.

What's been your worst moment?
Sometimes I travel to locations that have no Internet or cell phone access. I try to avoid those places and moments as much as possible.

What keeps you going?
It's exciting to be part of building a brand that everyone is passionate about, whether you're a customer, an employee, or a business partner!

Where do you go for new ideas?
Usually the best ideas come from meeting random people that are doing things completely different from what you're doing!

What's your site:
Zappos and

What's your title:

What shoes are you wearing right now?
I'm barefoot right now.

Can you provide a photo of your feet in those shoes?
I'm not sure you want a picture of my feet.

By the way, click to read a great article in the Harvard Business Review about how Zappos pays employees to quit!

Barefoot marketing seems to work: HBR comments: "Zappos sells shoes—lots of them—over the Internet. The company expects to generate sales of more than $1 billion this year, up from just $70 million five years ago."

Here are Tony's details:
Inside Zappos at
You can follow him at

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