Friday, June 27, 2008

What are they thinking? Baby-faced Matt McGee

Every Friday, we introduce you to an online marketer ... today meet Matt McGee.

the body may have changed a bit, but Matt McGee's smile remains "Because not everyone can throw thousands of bucks" at online marketing is the slogan of Matt McGee's blog. He's one of the most insightful bloggers and experts on search engine marketing for small business. I'm a big fan of him and his blog, SmallBusinessSEM. Despite the sweet baby face that has lasted the years, Matt knows his stuff.

What's been your best online success?
Selfishly? My fan site, U2. Online since 1995, millions of happy U2 fans served, several international awards, lots of media recognition, and a great team of friends that I get to work with every day. Plus, it helped me land a deal for a book coming out later this year.

Altruistically? A site that I designed and optimized for a retired mom and pop who were ready to give up on online marketing. They landed orders from 15 countries within a couple of months after we were done. Not my biggest success, but the one that makes me feel best.

What's the one thing that really makes you shout at your computer?
When it freezes!!! But I think a fix is on the way next week. That's when the shouting should stop. Sorry if I've been too loud.

Where do you for go for inspiration?
No one believes this, but I find flying on an airplane to be incredibly inspirational. Several of my best and most popular articles have been written on airplanes. Some of my worst, unpublished articles were written in the air, too ... so it doesn't work all the time. After airplanes, the drives between home (Tri-Cities, Washington) and Seattle or Portland are also very inspirational -- such amazing scenery along I-82 and I-84.

What's your title?
At the moment, it's "Fielding offers." That may change soon. I'm doing some freelance work while I sort out what's next.

What are your sites?
How much time do you have? :-) The U2 site I mentioned earlier is and the reason you and I are talking now is, my SEO/SEM blog for small biz owners.

Please attach a photo, serious or silly.
See baby picture. That's about as silly a photo as I have in my collection!

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online blog editor Julie Power on Friday June 27 at 6 a.m.


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David Temple said...

Very interesting interview indeed and love the baby picture. He looks the same except no hair, lol