Friday, June 13, 2008

What are they thinking? Aaron Kahlow's been to the summit and back

Every week, we get the lowdown on an online marketer's greatest success and fears.

Today meet Aaron Kahlow, managing partner, BusinessOnline.

Aaron Kahlow from with a big grinWhat's been your biggest internet success?
Truly, it’s been the multitude of people that come back to me and simply say “Thank you for helping the light bulb go off on the importance of online marketing and having a user-centric mind set.”

What's been your darkest moment?
It was during the planning of our first 10 City Tour for the Online Marketing Summit (the 2nd one is coming this July). Six weeks before our first city we only had 20% of our expected attendance. I questioned pulling out, but in the end stuck to my commitments and had over 2,000 in attendance. It was an overwhelming success.

Where do you go for new ideas?
My peers and other educational conferences.

What's your favorite way to unwind when things are bad, very bad?
Long, long jog until my body is exhausted and all my mind can do is focus on the recovery. If not, drink heavily (joking kind of)!

Are you a geek?
Nope. Business man first and foremost, but one who understands how to translate geek.

Your title:
Chairman and founder, Online Marketing Summit and managing partner, BusinessOnline

Your site: OnlineMarketingSummit and

Years in internet marketing: 8

I met Aaron at the Online Marketing Summit in San Diego. I loved the conference and loved the boo rule. If you get a chance to go to one of his conferences, grab it. They're fun, they're interesting and they're full of useful info.

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