Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Social media? No thanks, say 70% of online marketers

70% are not interested in social media, says this survey by the Internet Marketing ReportIt's easy to get carried away by the online chatter and excitement about social media, like Twitter, blogs and RSS feeds.

But this survey of nearly 360 online marketers by PBP was like being doused with a huge bucket of cold reality.

It finds 70% of online marketers have no interest in trying blogs, podcasts, wikis, etc. This finding rings true with the many conversations I have had with marketers in small to medium-sized companies.

Social media is way down the list for many. They don't have time, they don't have the resources and they don't want to spread themselves too thin. They're juggling 23 different jobs, and often managing offline marketing as well as online.

And until social media's been shown to really deliver, they'll continue to sit on the sidelines.

Every issue of our print publication, the Internet Marketing Report, features a unique survey like this conducted by PBP staff.

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online blog editor Julie Power on Tuesday June 10 at 6 a.m. Oh why aren't I in bed sleeping?



Lynn from organicmania.com said...

Wow! Julie, this is fascinating. I'd like to know more about the respondents age and industries. Don't know if you have that data, but it might explain the low numbers. Also, remember..we're at the beginning of the adoption curve for these technologies.

Maybe you surveyed them when budgets were due? :)

DJ from OnlineMarketerBlog said...

I agree with Lynn in wanting to know more about their demographics.

I feel like so much of this based around fear. And sure, we all get a little worried when the rubber hits the road, but risk is inherent in marketing (or it should be).

I wonder where this 70% will be working in a couple of years. If you're constantly hesitant in this new economy, it doesn't seem like you'll be with quickly rising companies.

Andy Mills said...

Crazy poll today. I can’t believe 70% of internet marketers are opposed to social media. Well….I guess that leaves more market share for me!

Andy Mills said...

Crazy poll today. I can’t believe 70% of internet marketers are opposed to social media. Well….I guess that leaves more market share for me!

IMR editor said...

This is one of routine surveys by our company's telemarketers. It is a fairly crude survey, targeted at anyone on our list of online marketers who they reach. That's the only info we have.

marshal said...

Most online marketer's are selling air and can not face
Bloggers may who are very skilled marketers looking over their shoulder !

joy said...

As an FYI (and as IMR's Product Marketer) the survey was of marketers across a wide range of industries.

More interestingly, this survey ran in Fall 2007 and Spring 2008 - with strikingly similar results.

Kathleen Gage said...

This is fascinating information. I recently ran a straw poll with my LinkedIn network. What I found with this group is:

1. They obviously did use social networks. But some had a very narrow view of SNs can do for them.

2. There are many what I refer to as "social network snobs." Those who believe their SN is the best and the rest are for the unprofessional young crowds.

3. Many had no clue what was going on in other SNs nor what their potential benefit could be for their organization.

The fact is, SNs can (and are) a great tool in networking, gathering valuable information from one's peers and extending visibility and market reach. As with anything it is essential to understand the pros and cons of implementing any marketing tool to the mix before jumping head first into the process.

Kathleen Gage