Monday, June 9, 2008

Don't just preach to the converted

In every issue of the Internet Marketing Report, we review a Web site. This is the review from the June 11 issue.

Lasermonks is manna from heaven for any prospect looking for inspiration, good prices on printer cartridges and a great Web site.

Its slogan, “Real Monks, Real Savings,” says it all.

While other marketers may spend a fortune on paid ads online, nearly all this site’s business comes via word-of-mouth. It seems to spend nothing on paid ads and very little on organic search engine optimization.

Instead, the site generates attention, clicks and millions of dollars in revenue by capitalizing on its unique story in these ways:

• Appealing to bloggers. There are hundreds of posts talking about this company. If you haven’t done so already, consider holding regular teleconferences with bloggers, particularly when your company is involved in hot industry topics. Lots of companies communicate with bloggers via e-mail, but sometimes letting bloggers get close to your senior execs can really
pay off.

• Generating buzz. Try issuing a press release talking about something unique to your company. LaserMonks went one step further: It wrote a book about how the company started.

• Staying true to its mission. Every page stresses and builds on the company’s beliefs.

Making its About Us page look like a bit of Internet heaven. Many companies’ About Us pages carry the bare minimum. But the monks’ page is comprehensive, including the story of how they started selling and the benefits to buyers (discounts of at least 30% compared with other suppliers).

But ...

This site could be making even more money to fund its good works with some small changes.

LaserMonks relies on direct traffic to generate sales, and its powerful story and effective home page to get prospects to convert.

The site appears to be preaching to the converted, and missing the opportunity to reach prospects who haven’t read about the company. The site's done hardly anything to attract search engine traffic. And a search for some of the company’s products doesn’t bring up one result for this Web site.

Even the product pages lack keywords.

And the title tags sound like someone is talking in tongues.

A straightforward fix? Turn the URLs into something intelligible to both search engines and its prospects. For example, this URL for the company’s copier supplies section is hard to remember:
It could be easily changed to:

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online blog editor Monday June 9 at 7 a.m.


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mbhatnagar said...

Sticking to the basics is something that very often people tend to forget.
I guess Lasermonks can see huge gains in sales if they pay more attention to organic SEO.

- Mayank
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